91% of Recruiters Screen Candidates' Social Media Activity [infographic]

Do you use social networking sites to screen prospective employees?

If Zuck gets his way, every breathing moment will be automatically captured in a Facebook timeline. OK, so a slight exaggeration but ever more information is aggregated on social networks.

According to a recent survey from Reppler, whose service helps candidates manage their online reputation, 91% of employers are using social media to screen candidates with 67% making a decision based on the info they find, whether it's their personal triumphs to sordid bloopers.

There's lots more juicy stats, some of them worrying with inappropriate photos, inappropriate comments and poor communication skills all cited. Lieing about qualifications, unsurprisingly ranks as the biggest no-no.

Whilst services like The Social CV provide employer's with some heavy-duty research tools for finding candidates, Reppler's might help redress the balance although apparently our willingness to share is undiminished.

There's lots of other juicy tidbits in the research, peruse the infographic for more details. Click on the image for the full (massive) version.

Job Screening with Social Networks