Digital Deutschland: CIKTN Announces One-Day Startup Event in Berlin

by smcde

In Chinwag's recent Digital Mission survey looking at which global opportunities were tempting the UK's digital firms, Germany featured 4th on the list.

Update: Panel line-up and Berline startups announced. Just one travel bursary left. See below.

For those digital firms interested in this market, Creative Industries KTN (CIKTN) and Berlin Brandenburg Medianet have announced a one-day session in Berlin to introduce firms to the local market, meeting with startups and local businesses who will provide mentoring support.The event which takes place in Berlin on 15th September 2011 to coincide with the launch of Medianet Catapult, a Berlin-based mentoring scheme. The UK firms will have a chance to meet the 25-Berlin based start-ups taking part in this programme.

The event includes: 

"Over the course of the day attendees will hear keynote presentations from high profile digital entrepreneurs, gain insight on two dynamic European marketplaces and participate in panel discussions contrasting the experiences of UK and German digital start ups and exploring the landscape of European capital finance. Importantly there will be a chance to network with like-minded digital businesses and instigate opportunities for commercial collaboration."

The trip is open to start-ups focusing on digital technologies whether in communications, applications or services and ranging from social media to the distribution of digital content to software as a service.

The first 10 UK digital start ups to register their interest will receive a bursary of up to £250 towards the cost of travel and accommodation (companies must less than 2 years old and able to articulate their potential in the European market).

To apply, complete the application form (listed below) and return it to Mark Leaver, who is organising the trip for CIKTN.

// For more info see CIKTN Beacons website

Closing date: 2nd Sept, but don't delay as places are limited.

Update 19/08/2011: Confirmed speakers have a spectacular track record in entrepreneurial business development and investment finance:

From Germany:

  • Alexander Piutti - CEO & Founder at GamesGenetics, seed investor at Myco
  • Burkhardt Bonello - CEO & Founder at Found Fair Ventures

From UK

  • Charles Nasser - CEO & Founder at Claranet
  • Mark Adams - Partner, Pembridge Partnership
  • Mark Mason - CEO & Founder, Mubaloo

Additional names have also been added to the now 30 Berlin start-ups who will be participating. There's just one £250 travel bursary left, so get your skates on.

Photo (cc) smcde.

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