How Can We Encourage People Into Store: Mobile

How Can We Encourage People Into Store: Mobile

It's an issue, a challenge, an opportunity that's been highlighted during today's Enterprising Fashion conference - just how are people finding, trying and buying? What is the future of the bricks'n'mortar store and where's the innovation coming from?

One of today's speakers, Paul Bay, founder of citizenbay has produced a mindmap of thinking around the topic. And you know how we like an infographic, especially when there's some smarts involved.

What's notable is the number of times that mobile is referenced either directly or by implication - whether it's through payments, social media, connections with customers or enabling experiences, for example pop-up shops. Certainly plenty of food for thought for those in the r/etail business.

Click the infographic below for the full-sized version: 

How Can We Encourage People Into The Psychical Store?

Originally published at citizenbay for GDR Creative Intelligence. Reproduced with permission.