Need Your Help, Which Topic for Next Chinwag Insight Conference?

Chinwag Insight: Facebook Marketing

Thinking caps on, pretty please - don't worry, nothing too onerous!

Chinwag InsightFollowing on from the success of our first Chinwag Insight conference, Chinwag Insight: Facebook Marketing, we're starting to plan for the next event, probably post-Easter 2012.

As with the first event, the aim of these conferences is to delve deep into a topic area. There's lots of options, which is where you come in. If we could beg 15 seconds of your precious brain power, could you fill in the poll below and let us know what you think.

It couldn't be easier. Just one question: which topic should we dive into and explore in-depth? Should we revisit Facebook Marketing, what about Twitter? YouTube? Or for those looking at B2B and recruitment, what about Linkedin?

It might seem odd to be asking the question, but we firmly believe that the best events come from a real collaboration with the Chinwag community. You'll see the summary of results once you've voted:

If you have any questions, are interested in sponsoring, or anything else, helpatchinwag [dot] com (drop us a line). If the survey doesn't appear below, click here to access it directly on SurveyMonkey.


The case for social media inside the company

Social software is entering the enterprise and is big business.  IBM recently stated that 'social business' (enterprise social media) will be to them (in revenue terms) what eBusiness was 10 years ago.

Is it time for ChinWag to turn its attention to what's going on inside big companies.  Here's a big picture!