Working in Social Media Really *is* Complicated [infographic]

Buddy Media / Luma - Social Media Landscape

Finally, proof that social media marketing isn't just a case of cranking out a few Tweets, checking Facebook walls and Pinning pictures of shoes.

A post on Business Insider, reveals an infographic - and you know how we like a pretty picture - from Buddy Media's recent product launch, showing just some of the complexity of the current social media landscape.

It begs the question that if you work in social media, you have to understand all of this? At last something to show your parents when they ask you what you do all day?

OK, so they won't understand it, but it looks impressive, right? Check out the full-sized infographic for the full gory detail. And more importantly, can you spot what's missing? There's one biggie not listed.

Pic (c) Buddy Media / Luma Partners. Via Business Insider.

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Aside from YouTube, I don't

Aside from YouTube, I don't see flickr, foursquare, Qype or hootsuite

Missing from Infographic

Yes, didn't see YouTube, Pinterest, Ustream, Crimson Hexagon and Second Life to name a few.  I also didn't see any of the non American social networks like QQ, Sina, MxIT, Mixi etc.  But still a great snapshot of what the landscape looks like.  There was a similar inforgraphic posted a couple of years ago.  The comparison is interesting even if both are not perfect.

Good spot.

I've had a good look, too and can't see YouTube there. Pinterest is another notable omission, although suspect the artwork might have been constructed before it turned into the current flavour du jour.

The bigger version is slightly easier to read.

infographic blindness?

sam, is the missing elephnat Youtube? not sure because eyes started blurring after the second scan.. need to lie down.

Do I win a prize?