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Chinwag Live: music who pays the piperIt's a lot easier to broaden our musical horizons these days. With P2P file sharing, music streaming sites and song download services sky rocketing, the way we listen to and consume music has changed beyond all recognition.

But in perilous times like these is the ad-funded music model really viable? Or are modern day music fans simply looters in disguise?

In July of this year we held our Chinwag Live: Music who pays the piper event, debating all of the above and more.

Holding court on the panel were chair Steve Bowbrick (Blogger), Dave Haynes (UK Manager, Sound Cloud), Dom Hodge (Associate Director, Frunkt Music), John Mitchell (Sales Director, Spotify), Helienne Lindvall (Journalist, Guardian) and Richard Jacobs (Head of Radio, MediaCom).


If you're still puzzled about the state of music in the freemium marketplace have a listen to our podcast of the evening. Debate cuts through all the fluff to gets to the crux of the issue with some of music industry's most respected decision makers.


And for bloggage from the evening: