Latest Twitter Stats July 2011 [infographic]

Twitter: Facts & Figures

Digesting numbers is a lot easier when they're in pretty picture format, and for a visual download of the latest Twitter stats, this is a handy infographic from the folks at Touch Agency in Lancashire, they've pulled together "over 35 different statistics - it contains everything you need to know about (twitter)"

The numbers are BIG, but what's interesting is the tiny percentage of users (5%) that actually tweet. Last week, we discovered that despite a much smaller userbase than Facebook - if you can call 200m users small - for news, Twitter's influence matches Facebook's.

This is further borne out by some of the stats in the infographic, 88% of Fortune 100 companies post daily news to Twitter. And the conversation isn't just one-way, if the 1m weekly tweets about customer service have anything to say about it (in 140 characters or less, naturally).

See the infographic below, or download the full PDF version from Touch Agency's site. For more stats-as-pictures, check out our other posts on infographics.

Twitter: Faces & Figures - Infographic by Touch Agency

Infographic (c) Touch Agency. Hat tip: The Wall.