Latest US Neilsen Study Reveals Games Dominate App Downloads

Angry Birds at Game Design Expo 2011 by Vancouver Film School

Maybe it's the over-developed thumbs of the smartphone natives? Maybe the news doesn't have the draw that it used to. Either way, it's games that dominate app purchases in the US according to the latest Neilsen research.

NMA reports that of the 300,000 users surveyed in May, 93% bought mobile games, compared with 76% paid for apps with a news flavour. Surprisingly, bearing in mind thse figures relate to a US audience, the second most popular category of downloads was weather. I thought it was just us Brits who were obsessed.

The statistics reveal the top 10 categories of apps downloaded in the last 30 days are:

  1. Games (64%)
  2. Weather (60%)
  3. Social Networking (56%)
  4. Maps/Navigation/Search (51%)
  5. Music (44%)
  6. News (39%)
  7. Entertainment (34%)
  8. Banking/Finance (32%)
  9. Video/Movies (26%)
  10. Shopping/Retail (26%)

It's too early to make a dent in this type of survey, but one trend to watch will be initiatives like with their HTML5-based apps for tablets and mobiles that by-pass the existing download model.

Games are the most popular mobile app category

App downloaders are most willing to pay for games

iOS gamers spend almost twice as much time playing games as the average mobile gamer

iOS, WP7 and Android users are most likely to download their games

Photo (cc) Vancouver Film School. Charts (c) Neilsen.
Hat tip: NMA.